The making of a fantasy world map

In the late summer of 2010 me and Simon realized that we needed a great looking world map for the game (Heavy Hogur). We decided that the map was not just meant to be a background - all of the progress was connected to this map.

As new chapters were unlocked by the player new areas would open up. From the beginning almost the entire map was sepia colored but as progress was made new parts of the map would be revealed in full color. One could say that unlocking the map was a kind goal itself in the game!

Maps have always fascinated me and I have drawn many fantasy maps during my years. I'm no artist however so when making this map I had to give Simon the freedom to create while I kept mostly to giving some tehnical direction and the location names. I think the end result is not just a map but a beautiful piece of art. Much kudos to Simon for pulling it off in just a couple of weeks!

Here is the full history of the Ivereth world map. There is also a ZIP file with full res versions of all images at the bottom of this page.


Very first draft from Simon. The landmasses/chapters are defined but very few named locations.


Chapter labels have been added and the basic style and theme of the map is complete.


A beautiful shoreline and a lot of details have been added. At this time I'm getting a bit anxious about the colors. I felt they were a bit bland and washed out. I wanted the map to be more expressive or lively.


Ruins, villages and other important landmarks have been added as well as many location labels and waves on the sea. Some clouds may seem missing but they were in fact not. They were instead added as animated sprites in game together with some other details (birds, windmill wings).


The release candidate. More detailed landmarks, ship wrecks etc. The water near shores were "softened" somewhat. Also this version is a little more saturated, i.e. more colorful but I was still not happy.


Final version! Much more saturated, maybe too much? I don't know for sure but it somehow felt more appropriate for the intended audience. This image along with an overlay and the animated clouds, windmill etc was what went live in the game. I actually decided to get a print copy of this version since it looked so nice :)

Full res versions of all images -


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