New project: MazeLab

I have started prototyping a new project, working name: MazeLab

The aim is to create an online Gauntlet game where you can team up with your friends and fight your way through dungeons. I will probably upload code here as we go so it will be sort of like a tutorial where I add new functionality in small steps. Great to follow if you're into flixel and smartfoxserver game development!

I was thinking of following this roadmap:

  • First part will be a simple client where you can enter your name and connect to the server.
  • Chatting with other players
  • Load level from server and move around
  • See other players moving around in level
  • Mobs moving around
  • Save player progress in database, login, authentication etc (might split this one up a bit)
  • Combat!!
  • Pick up items, money. Inventory
  • Random dungeons instead of premade levels

Hopefully I will get an artist helping out with tiles, sprites etc to make it look good too!


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