This is a showcase game for my ECS html5 game engine.
It is written mostly in Typescript and a key requirement is that the output should only ever be a single tiny html file. This html file should include EVERYTHING, game assets, sounds, music, sprites!

The game itself is not that interesting, click/tap on “Moles” that keep popping up on screen to remove them.

Direct link to game: >>> Moles!!! <<<

Cave Dweller


All your precious gems have been scattered around a huge cave system. Get them back and escape the caves! There is no way to control your game character directly but you can help him by paving the way using the different objects available in each level such as walls, blocks, bombs, fire etc. Try to get him safely to the exit and collect all gems.
This game is built using HTML5 so will work on all devices with modern browsers. Works best with touch enabled devices such as smart phones and tablets but possible to play in desktop browsers too.

Direct link to game: >>> Play Cave Dweller <<<
(It will take some time to load the game, please be patient)


A little Match 3 game I wrote to learn more about Typescript.
Optimized for mobile devices.

Direct link to game: >>> Play Shrooms <<<

Heavy Hogur


Follow Heavy Hogur on a journey through the mountains and islands of Ivereth. Explore vast cave systems, collect crystals with your trusty pickaxe, discover buried treasures and recover legendary artifacts. 60 rooms full of adventure awaits you!


Heavy Hogur is a 3D puzzle game (Windows) with a unique game mechanic. Hogur is literally “heavy” and most of the ground is crumbling where ever he walks. Plan your path wisely, and “carve” your way through the different rooms.

Download >>> Heavy Hogur DEMO <<<

Buy your Full version from GamersGate >>> Heavy Hogur <<<

What other say

Heavy Hogur is an essential purchase for puzzle-gaming fans.


…it offers an old-fashioned collection of puzzles, which are pretty satisfying to solve.


…a winner who will challenge yet not frustrate you.





Uncle Miggles is in trouble! Sneaky king Porco has captured him and to let him go he wants you to first get the three Yre crystals that are hidden troughout the kingdom. You must help uncle Miggles!

Guide Mulver through different parts of the kingdom in search for gold and the Yre crystals. Avoid enemies, uncover secret areas, time your jumps and use all your skill to navigate through the challenging levels in this 3D platform game.

This game is available for purchase here >>> Mulver <<<

System Requirements

OS: Windows XP/Vista
CPU: ~1Ghz processor
Video: 64Mb